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Carpet and Rug Repairs in Central Florida

Your carpets and rugs endure a lot of wear and tear over the years. Eventually, you may notice fraying, tearing, buckling, and many other signs of aging carpet. When your carpet reaches this stage of its life, many homeowners assume they need to replace it, but that’s often unnecessary. National Carpet Care offers carpet and rug repair services in Central Florida. We can restore and rehabilitate carpets and rugs, giving them a second life. You might be surprised by the range of issues we can address. Learn more about our carpet and rug repair services.

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How Can I Tell When I Need Carpet Repairs?

Often, it will be clear you need carpet repairs, such as when there is a tear in a rug or when your carpet has become visibly stretched. Other times, the signs of carpet or rug damage are more subtle, such as fraying and signs of improper installation. If you notice any change in your carpet or rug’s appearance, contact our team. We can assess the situation and recommend repairs. Some of the most common signs that you need carpet or rug repairs include:

  • Fraying seams
  • Tears or rips
  • Uneven surfaces or buckling
  • Discolored spots
  • Visible carpet ripples

Our Expert Rug Restoration Techniques

Our team has the skills to restore area rugs that have a wide range of issues. We have various forms of rug repair and restoration, including:

Color Repairs

We can re-dye faded or discolored rugs, even when they have complex patterns.

Bug Damage Repairs

Our team repairs rugs that have been damaged by insects, such as moths.


When the stitching has become loose on your rug, we can reweave it to maintain its structural integrity.

Fringe Repairs

If your rug’s fringe is tattered or unraveling, we can replace or rebind it.

Foundation Repairs

Let us patch, restitch, and repair your rug if the warp threads have become compromised.

Schedule a Carpet or Rug Repair Appointment Today!

Fixing a damaged section of carpet or area rug is an art. We can seamlessly repair nearly any issue, from tears to fraying. Before you start shopping for new, expensive carpeting for your home, let our rug and carpet repair team inspect the damage. Our repairs can extend the life of your carpet or rug for years and years. Contact us today to schedule a carpet or rug repair appointment!

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